Turkey Hunting Strategies

Turkey Hunting Strategies That Will Knock Your Socks Off and Bag More Birds

Turkey hunting is one of the most known sports in USA. Once one tries to engage in it, he or she will never know when to stop. The history of hunting turkeys goes back from the time when the European Colonizers arrived. This sport usually entails the killing or capturing of wild turkeys, specifically the North American Wild Turkey.

Over the years, a lot of turkey hunting strategies have been invented. Most of these strategies involve calling or stalking. The latter is what huntsmen consider as the most uncreative. This has also harmed hunters all over the world, most especially when they do the hunting in a public property. Because they have to move silently and gradually to not disturb the prey, they become the victims instead for being shot by other huntsmen. It is best to use this strategy in private properties where no other hunters can get in.

The calling strategy is the opposite of stalking. Between the two introduced turkey hunting strategies, this got to be the overused. Calling is a turkey hunting strategy that uses the sounds of female turkeys to attract male ones. Some of the examples are the purr, the yelp, the cackle and the tree call. The male gobbling call is also effective because it makes the male turkeys feel that they are being intruded by prowlers in their spot.

Therefore, calling the animal itself goes towards its killer. Similar to stalking, this turkey hunting strategy might also cause harm to the hunters. Since they make sounds similar to that of the turkeys, they may also attract other huntsmen to shoot them.

Just to be safe, these hunters should let their group know that you are around and should plan of wearing bright-colored suits to distinguish themselves from the plants around. They should also have a rule that they should only shoot turkeys if they see them in actual sight.


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