Spring Turkey Hunting Tips

Spring Turkey Hunting Tips - All You Need To Know During This Prime Turkey Hunting Season

Spring turkey hunting is considered by most seasoned hunters as the prime turkey hunting season. Several hunters both beginners and veterans scout and prepare fastidiously with information about turkey behavior before setting forth in the woods to bag the trophy turkey at the end of a spring turkey hunting journey.

As early as February when the ice melts and the season brings coldness in the air, humans need warmth either from blankets or from people to provide the needed heat. Same goes for these turkeys. Yes, spring season is official turkey mating season.

How turkeys behave during mating season provides an advantage for a hunter during spring turkey hunting. For example, a mature male turkey or a tom gobbles or creates sounds that attract a female turkey or a hen. Gobbling is a sign of dominance while it waits for submissive hens to be mated by them. Sometimes, the tom scouts the hen's nesting or roosting area to mate with as many hens as it could.

With that in mind, a good hunter can scout where to set up. Before the hunt or early in the morning, the hunter can observe for places where the hens frequent or nest. A set up can be built near the hens' nest or roosting area.

A good set up is tantamount, but a strategic turkey call will seal the deal. A turkey call that imitates the hen's chuckle or yelp is usually performed to attract a tom. Also, coupled with a hen decoy to back up the luring noise, a tom should be approaching a hunter's set up in no time.

There are other turkey behaviors to be considered during spring turkey hunting. For example, a tom can be extremely territorial that a tom wouldn't hesitate to attack another tom for a contest at male turkey dominance. When a tom sees another tom near a hen or an area it frequents, it will quickly sprint towards it.

Of course during spring turkey hunting, like fall turkey hunting, it is essential to bring the right gear, and the right attitude. That's why the best spring turkey hunting tip is for a hunter to maintain a healthy outlook. Too much obsessing or competitiveness may bring more harm than good. So before getting absorbed in the hunt, always observe safety precautions for a hassle-free and enjoyable hunt.


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